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There are many jobs and occupations where employers require employees to obtain random drug tests, or to have annual physical exams. These are common cases, and our urgent medical care clinic has years of experience in this area. At Total Access Urgent Care, we provide a wide variety of medical services for employees and employers that require regular examinations and tests. Whether you need a drug test, alcohol screen, or physical examination, you can be sure that our facility will provide you with the test and the results so that you may continue in your current occupation.

Urgent Medical Care St Louis

Various services that we offer include pre-employment drug testing as well as random testing, DOT drug testing, hepatitis b vaccinations, tetanus shots, sport physicals, and alcohol testing among many others. If you need an examination for various reasons, then we can provide you with assistance in this area as well. We offer executive physicals, pre-employment physicals, baseline testing for employees in hazardous environments, and many others. If you have a question regarding the services that we offer, then please feel free to call our office to have your questions answered and to obtain the information that you need.

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Whatever medical issue you are facing, whether you are suffering from various symptoms, or you need a routine examination or test, you can be sure that our doctors can assist you. We are your urgent care doctor, and we intend on providing effective and helpful medical assistance in your case. Further, we do not require an appointment, so that you may feel free to walk in for medical assistance at any time. Our emergency care clinic is dedicated to providing premiere medical treatment in a timely manner, and with the best possible patient service. Your situation is important to us, and you can be sure that we will stand by you and help you pursue the health that you need.

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