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  • May's TAUC Hero

    Congratulations are in order for Jessica Talley, who was selected as May's TAUC Hero in a landslide vote by the leadership team. Jessica's willingness to go above and beyond is noted by patients and team members alike and exemplifies her commitment to TAUC's Mission and Values.
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  • April TAUC Hero

    It gives us great pleasure to announce that Erica Cook has been voted April's TAUC Hero. Erica's incredible dedication and hard work have led to her accomplishment of all six clinical achievements, and her infectious positivity gives her the unique ability to brighten the day of patients and coworkers alike. She truly embodies the TAUC Mission and Values.
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  • March 2017 TAUC Hero of the Month Amber Roberts

    Congratulations to Amber Roberts, March 2017 TAUC Hero of the Month. Amber's hard work behind the scenes does not go unnoticed. She always comes to work with a friendly and upbeat attitude. She is a true team player and exemplifies the TAUC Mission. Way to go, Amber!
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  • February 2017 TAUC Hero of the Month

    We're excited to announce our February 2017 TAUC Hero of the Month, Cassondra Teare! Cassondra embodies what it means to be a leader, a team player and a role model to her peers. Thank you, Cassondra, for your hard work and compassionate care!
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  • January TAUC Hero, Tim Rekart

    Congratulations to our January TAUC Hero, Tim Rekart! Tim is recognized for being a true team player. His breadth of experience, drive, positive attitude, and multi-talented skill set has earned him this prestigious award.
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