New CT Scan At Total Access Urgent Care Lets Patients Skip Emergency Room Visit

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, April 18, 2011—Total Access Urgent Care in Rock Hill,
MO recently added a CT Scan to its list of medical services offered, making it one of the
only urgent care facilities in the area with the state-of-the-art equipment.

A CT (Computed Tomography) Scan obtains radiographic images of disease and injury
that cannot be seen on a standard X-Ray, including head injuries, abdominal ailments,
complex joint fractures, spine injuries, blocked arteries and lung masses. The scans often
result in earlier diagnosis and more successful treatments.

Dr. Matt Bruckel, founder of Total Access Urgent Care, installed the CT Scan at the end
of March. “Adding a CT Scan to our facility allows us to provide complete care of our
patients, only sending those with life-threatening illnesses to the hospital,” says Dr.
Bruckel. The services offered at Total Access Urgent Care are equivalent to those offered
at hospital emergency departments for non life-threatening conditions, and patients pay a
fraction of what emergency visits cost. “Our patients with insurance only pay the co-pay
and deductible on their insurance plan. Uninsured patients are offered 40 percent off CT
services,” Dr. Bruckel says. “Our uninsured patients only pay between $250 and $600 for
a CT Scan that would cost them anywhere between $1000 and $3000 at a local hospital.”

Unlike other urgent care facilities or outpatient imaging centers, patients don’t need a
referral to have a CT Scan at Total Access Urgent Care. An approval from their insurance
company is required, which can happen almost immediately. With a goal to have 80
percent of patients in and out in under an hour regardless of the care they need, the actual
process of CT scanning is fast. The CT scan takes a series of quick, high-resolution
images. “These images are immediately available for viewing,” says Dr. Bruckel.
“Within 30 minutes, we have the results from the radiologist, and if those results are life
threatening, we immediately refer the patient to the emergency department. If the CT
scan is able to eliminate a life-threatening condition, the patient is able to go home and
bypass the unnecessary time and expense of the emergency department.”

Urgent care facilities are quickly filling the gap between high-traffic hospitals and
primary providers. “The health industry and our community need places like Total
Access Urgent Care,” says Dr. Bruckel. “We want to provide our patients with the best
resources available to care for their acute illness and injuries. Adding CT scanning to our
services greatly improves the medical care we provide.”

About Total Access Urgent Care

Founded in 2008 by emergency medicine provider, Matt Bruckel M.D., Total Access
Urgent Care is a full-service, walk-in medical facility for the treatment of non life-
threatening injuries and illnesses. In addition to CT Scans, Total Access Urgent Care
offers services including X-Rays, Ultrasounds, immunizations, physicals, drug screening,
pharmacy services, occupational medicine and care for workers’ compensation injuries.


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