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At Total Access Urgent Care, we are dedicated to providing our community and our patients with the helpful and effective medical service that they need, as well as the kind and personal service that shows you that we care.

The following are some of the more commonly asked questions that we receive, so
feel free to refer to this information to obtain some basic and general answers.

What is the cost of urgent care without insurance?
Our facility offers a fantastic medical program for uninsured and underinsured patients who are seeking medical attention. Our base charge is $99 for a provider evaluation, with additional costs for various procedures such as immunizations, X-Rays, and others.

What is web check-in?
We offer a web check-in so that you may register online from the comfort of your home. This benefit is designed to make your total visit much shorter by eliminating the need for some paperwork and information.

How long is the waiting period when I arrive?
We understand that you have important things going on in your life, which is why we work as hard as possible to ensure that you do not have to wait at all. We do not treat life-threatening injuries or diseases, and therefore the waiting time is generally much shorter than an emergency department.

Will I have to travel far for my prescription?
We have approximately 80 prescriptions on-site, so that you may be diagnosed and receive your prescription without being forced to drive many miles to obtain the care you need.

Seeking medical care?

If you are suffering from pain, or you need to see a doctor, then you may greatly benefit from the medical services that we offer. While we do treat the uninsured, we also accept most types of insurance, so you can minimize the cost to yourself. Let us work with you to pursue the medical comfort and health that you need.

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