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Ladue Total Access Urgent Care

Our urgent care takes pride in the service that we provide our patients. We strive to offer the most cost-efficient and high-quality service possible and with our highly experienced staff we have been able to do so. We offer emergency department level care as well as general provider care for common illnesses throughout Missouri.

Some of the services that we offer include:

*If you need an ultrasound, please visit any location to be evaluated by a board certified provider. Once evaluated, TAUC will schedule your ultrasound at the Webster Groves/Rock Hill location.

We are able to handle all types of injuries at illnesses at our facility and the only time that we send a patient to a hospital is if they need to be admitted. Avoid the high hospital expenses and choose to visit our urgent care for your medical needs. Our doctors are board certified and have residency training in the emergency room. All of our providers have experience in emergency treatment and are able to help patients with almost all of their medical needs.

Are you in need of medical treatment in Ladue, MO?

Not only does our urgent care provide services for common colds, illnesses and emergency situations but we also have a full pharmacy here. We are able to prescribe and provide the medicine that our patients need without the hassle of going to a pharmacy outside of the urgent care. One of our goals is to not have patients waiting for hours to be seen. We aim to have each patient in and out of the office within an hour. In order to provide quicker service we offer an online check-in option where our patients can fill in their personal and insurance information from home making the time in the office shorter.

Total Access Urgent Care have many years of experience helping patients through the St. Louis, Missouri area. If you are a resident of Ladue we have an urgent care located in St. Louis just minutes from your city, 12616 Lamplighter Square, St. Louis, MO 63128. You can call our office today to schedule an appointment or we also accept walk-ins, call today at (314) 669-9193. You can check out our website to view all of our locations in Missouri and find the closest facility to you.


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