Vacation Safely this Summer

COVID-19 Travel Testing

At TAUC we offer convenient COVID-19 testing options for your travel needs. Depending on your destination, you may be required to be tested within 72 hours of your flight in order to avoid a long quarantine upon arrival. TAUC offers both RT-PCR testing (results in 48 hours or less) and rapid testing options (results in 20 minutes).

Send-Out PCR Testing

Fast Results in 1-2 days

Rapid Testing

Results in 20 minutes

Sun, Fun, and Urgent Care Visits…

  • Sunburn and heatstroke from too much time at the beach or pool
  • Food poisoning from your backyard BBQ
  • Allergic reactions from itchy poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac
  • Bites & stings from pesky bugs - mosquitoes, ticks, and spiders
  • Cuts and scrapes from bike injuries
  • Broken bones and sprains from summer sports and other outdoor activities

Total Access Urgent Care is open daily from 8AM to 8PM at all locations. For more information or to find your closest location, please visit