Dr. Bruckel Interviewed on Fox 2: The Truth Behind a Flu Season Myth

Dr. Bruckel Interviewed on Fox 2: The Truth Behind a Flu Season Myth

We have all heard it growing up: "Put on a sweater so you don't catch a cold!" Dr. Matt Bruckel, founder of Total Access Urgent Care, was recently interviewed on the Fox 2 news station in St. Louis, where he discussed the truth behind the common myth that cold temperatures cause illness. He also explained important information that people should know during the cold and flu season.

To watch the interview, click here: http://fox2now.com/2013/12/12/cold-weather-and-illness-fact-vs-fiction/

In the interview, Dr. Bruckel explained that while illnesses tend to be more prevalent during winter, it is not actually the cold temperatures that are causing the cold, flu and other illnesses--or at least not directly. The true cause is the fact that more people are staying indoors in order to keep warm, which results in these individuals congregating in closer proximity where germs and microbes are more easily spread. He noted that people should wash their hands and avoid touching their faces, especially since their hands regularly come into contact with surfaces that carry microbes.

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