Dr. Bruckel Interviewed by Fox 2 Anchor John Pertzborn

Dr. Bruckel Interviewed by Fox 2 Anchor John Pertzborn

Last December, the FDA has approved a new narcotic drug called Zohydro™ ER—a pure form of hydrocodone, which is a highly abused prescription narcotic drug. This approval has caused a great deal of controversy and concern, since such a concentrated form of hydrocodone raises the risk of overdose and abuse. Dr. Matt Bruckel, owner and head provider at Total Access Urgent Care, was recently interviewed on Fox 2 news regarding the subject.

Fox 2 news anchor John Pertzborn interviewed Dr. Bruckel and asked his opinion on the new pain killer Zohydro. While it is more challenging to get prescription drugs, should such a highly-abused narcotic be made available in such a pure form? Dr. Bruckel provided his professional, informed opinion.

"Access to narcotics is important [for patients who suffer from chronic pain] and the FDA needs to continue to make narcotics available," said Bruckel. "But this drug in particular is especially dangerous because it's five times more potent than the hydrocodone products currently on the market."

In the interview, Dr. Bruckel made it clear that chronic pain is an important issue to treat. Having medications such as hydrocodone is important for those who have chronic pain. The vulnerable group in our society, he says, is teenagers.

"I think it's reasonable to request a tamper-resistant form prior to being released on the market," he continues, "but it's been released, and that's okay. We just need to make sure that we're only having doctors prescribing it that should be prescribing it—like pain medicine providers—and restricting and limiting it only to patients who have chronic pain."

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