Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • Dr. Bruckel Discusses Preventing and Treating Running Injuries

    With the fall running season coming up, Dr. Matt Bruckel gives advice on ways to avoid injuries, how to provide self-care and when you should see a doctor. There are many different types of injuries that can happen when you start running more, including overuse/chronic injuries, tripping resulting in scrapes and bruises, or even broken bones if you fall. Dr. Matt Bruckel suggests that the first 72 ...
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  • Dr. Bruckel Discusses When to Visit the ER vs. Urgent Care

    Dr. Bruckel, Total Access Urgent Care founder and News Channel 5's expert on Medical Monday, recently discussed when it is appropriate to visit an urgent care versus an emergency room. Dr. Bruckel has spent years working as a board-certified emergency provider, and it was there that he recognized 70% of the patients seen in the emergency room could be more appropriately treated at an intermediate ...
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  • Total Access Urgent Care Achieves 150,000 Patient Milestone

    Total Access Urgent Care has earned a 5 star rating from 90% of universal survey respondents since opening in 2008. During June of 2014, Total Access Urgent Care achieved a significant milestone, having treated its 150,000th patient. Of these now 150,000 plus historical patient visits, 90% of those responding to a universal survey have given the patient care service a 5 star rating. This rapidly ...
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