Dr. Bruckel Interviewed on "Show Me St. Louis"

Dr. Bruckel Interviewed on "Show Me St. Louis"

Total Access Urgent Care is not like any other urgent care center or emergency medical facility in St. Louis. Our five locations offer all that hospital-owned urgent care centers can offer and more, all for a much more affordable price. Dr. Matthew Bruckel – owner and founder of Total Access Urgent Care – was recently interviewed on "Show Me St. Louis," where he explained the pros of Total Access Urgent Care.

During the interview, the show host had Dr. Bruckel explain the differences between urgent care, primary care, and Total Access Urgent Care. He explained that Total Access Urgent Care "[provides] all the services of the ER in the neighborhood at the price of a doctor's office, and we do it fast, we do it friendly, and we do it incredibly affordably so that all the traditional barriers and boundaries that people get frustrated with in health care are resolved."

The show host also questioned Dr. Bruckel about how the cost is different between Total Access and other urgent care facilities. He replied "Most [other urgent care facilities] are owned by hospitals, and these facilities traditionally charge... a $300 [facility] fee that you get charged prior to anyone doing anything to you. At Total Access, we don't have a facility fee; we charge you only for the services that we provide and we do it for about 25% of the cost of an urgent care facility owned by a hospital or an emergency department."

Dr. Bruckel also went on to explain the merits of the medical team employed at Total Access, which consists mainly of hand-picked, top-notch ER doctors and family medicine providers. Dr. Bruckel himself is a board certified emergency medicine provider. Total Access also boasts an average "door-to-door" time – from checking in to seeing your doctor, receiving care, and walking out with medicine in hand – of less than one hour, which is practically unheard of in doctors' offices and hospital-owned urgent care centers.

To watch the full interview, please visit the KSDK website: http://www.ksdk.com/story/entertainment/television/show-me-st-louis/2014/02/25/total-access-urgent-care/5810003/


Total Access Urgent Care has five convenient locations throughout St. Louis County. If you are in need of an affordable urgent care center to turn to when you can't see your primary provider, please visit us and see for yourself what makes us stand apart. Call us now at (314) 656-7899 to learn how we can help you.