Total Access Urgent Care Featured in Fox 2 News Segment

Total Access Urgent Care Featured in Fox 2 News Segment

If you live in the St. Louis area, then you are probably aware that flu season is officially upon us. Hospitals, medical clinics and urgent care centers are being flooded with patients complaining of sinus congestion, sore throat, fever and body aches. Chris Regnier of Fox 2 News St. Louis recently spent the morning at Total Access Urgent Care to interview Dr. Matt Bruckel regarding the growing number of flu patients over the past few weeks.

Answering questions to help the audience and the community, Dr. Bruckel offered information regarding the number of cases, insight into why so many people were infected this year, and helpful advice regarding prevention of this significant and often dangerous viral infection. Based on patient volumes that average 160 patients per day at Total Access Urgent Care's 4 sites, Dr. Bruckel shared that nearly every third patient seen over the preceding week was diagnosed with the flu. Dr. Bruckel also stated that the growing number of flu patients was likely accelerated by the fact that school was back in session, making it easy for children to contract the flu and bring it home to their parents.

During this year's particularly bad flu season, Dr. Bruckel and the entire team at Total Access Urgent Care recommend that people take quick action if they show symptoms of the flu. The clinic offers medications that work very well when taken within 48 hours of the first signs of flu. Unless treated quickly, the flu can result in complications that lead to more serious medical conditions such as pneumonia.

The original Fox 2 article and video clips can be viewed here:

Contact Total Access Urgent Care at 314-961-2255 right away if you are showing signs of the flu. Total Access is the only urgent care clinic that is privately owned and operated by a board certified provider – Dr. Matt Bruckel. Total Access Urgent Care offers the highest level of personal attention and experienced skill. Total Access Urgent Care's mission is to provide patient focused care that is quick, friendly and affordable.