Total Access Urgent Care - Why We Stand Apart

Total Access Urgent Care - Why We Stand Apart

We have all heard the horror stories of friends and acquaintances who have had terrible experiences in emergency rooms and urgent care centers. Perhaps you have been through such an experience personally. At Total Access Urgent Care, we are aware of the poor service and medical treatment that many individuals receive from other urgent care centers. Our mission is to stand apart by providing affordable, fast, friendly, and effective medical care to every patient who walks through our doors.

Such poor treatment often reaches close to home for our team here at Total Access. Kate, the eight-year-old family member of Dr. Bruckel – founder of Total Access Urgent Care – recently broke her arm and endured an excruciating experience with incompetent and careless staff at an urgent care center in Jefferson City, Missouri. The young girl did not have her vitals checked by the nurse at the urgent care and was told to go to a local emergency room (ER) for treatment. Essentially, Kate was refused care and her obviously-wounded arm was not even imaged, even though an X-ray machine was available.

Once she and her caretakers arrived at the ER, an X-ray was taken and Kate's condition was misdiagnosed. She was told she did not have a broken arm. Dr. Bruckel drove to Jefferson City at this point to examine the image himself and immediately determined that her arm was indeed broken. The ER called in a prescription and Dr. Bruckel drove to the national-chain pharmacy to pick it up. There he waited for over two hours while problems arose due to miscommunication and negligence on the part of the pharmacy staff. Young Kate was in extreme pain throughout this entire ordeal.

Mistreatment and poor service is never acceptable when you are in need of emergency medical treatment or urgent care. Total Access Urgent Care can provide prompt and caring treatment for you and the ones you love. Read more about Kate's experience and our firm's vision to prevent such treatment by reading our press release at