Dangerous Food & Drug Combinations: Dr. Bruckel Interviewed on Fox 2

Dangerous Food & Drug Combinations: Dr. Bruckel Interviewed on Fox 2

Did you know that certain food and drug combinations can result in serious side-effects? Dr. Bruckel, founder of Total Access Urgent Care in St. Louis, discussed these issues in an interview on Fox 2 News.

In the interview, Randi Naughton of Fox 2 News offered a list of dangerous food and drug combinations for which Dr. Bruckel offered an explanation.

The surprising list of dangerous combinations includes:

  • Grapefruit and cholesterol medications
  • Limes and cough medicine
  • Dairy products and antibiotics
  • Smoked meats and antidepressants
  • Chocolate and Ritalin
  • Apple juice and allergy medicine
  • Cinnamon and warfarin
  • Alcohol and acetaminophen / Tylenol

Dr Bruckel explained that many of these foods contain chemicals that either block the drug's absorption or increase it's removal from the body. In either case, the medication can become ineffective. Other foods may mimic and increase the effects of the drug, as in the case with chocolate and Ritalin or cinnamon and Warfarin. Other combinations simply cause damage such as alcohol and Tylenol which can work together to overwhelm the liver's ability to detoxify and even lead to liver damage.

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