Total Access Urgent Care Offers Tips for Allergy Season

Total Access Urgent Care Offers Tips for Allergy Season

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Spring has officially arrived, and many with seasonal allergies are suffering from the typical symptoms that include sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and runny nose. Doctors treat thousands of patients every year who suffer from allergic reactions to environmental allergens such as grass and flower pollen. The Medical Director of the Town and Country Total Access Urgent Care, Dr. Paul Hinrichs, recently offered advice on ways to alleviate allergy symptoms.

Ways to beat spring allergies:

  • Visit Total Access Urgent Care to see a provider
  • Take antihistamines at least two hours before being exposed to known allergens
  • Take a shower immediately after exposure to known allergens
  • Keep windows and doors closed at home
  • Keep car windows rolled up
  • Avoid being outside during the morning hours when pollen counts are higher
  • Use nasal saline or Neti Pot

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