Blog Posts in June, 2018

  • May's TAUC hero, Kristen Naprawa!

    Congratulations to May's TAUC hero, Kristen Naprawa! Kristen's positive energy brings joy to both patients and employees alike! She is constantly pushing herself to try new things from TLA, Physician Facilitator, and much more. Kristen, thank you for being a shining light on our team and for showing patients complete, compassionate care!
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  • Northwest Chamber of Commerce

    Thank you to the Northwest Chamber of Commerce for having TAUC as one of the monthly luncheon sponsors.
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  • Fun Foods Around The St. Louis Area

    Who wouldn’t enjoy going on a foodie tour? Monica Backs had a great time with her family enjoying fun foods around the St. Louis area.
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  • Sydnee King Earned A Relaxing Facial

    Sydnee King earned a relaxing facial at Aquarius Wellness Center for Healing Arts. Thank you for all your hard work at the Front Desk.
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  • Doing What He Does Best

    Paramedic, Dan Holguin, earned a massage just for doing what he does best, which is making sure our patients have a great experience.
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  • KJ Smith Rewarded with a Foodie Tour

    KJ has a picture of a slice of pizza on her TAUC name badge, so it is no surprise that she selected the foodie tour for her reward. Congrats, KJ!
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