Protecting You Against COVID-19

TAUC remains committed to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, including offering easily accessible COVID-19 testing every day for all ages.


Rapid Testing

Rapid testing is now available for all patients with quick results within 20 minutes from the time your swab has been collected. TAUC’s FDA-authorized rapid tests are offered at every location for all ages. Simply check-in online or walk in from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Send-Out Testing (PCR)

TAUC uses the gold standard of COVID-19 testing, which is nasopharyngeal swabbing. For send-out labs, TAUC specimens are processed quickly in 1-2 days.

Antibody Testing

Total Access offers antibody testing to help detect if you have been previously infected with COVID-19, causing you to develop antibodies to the virus. Your body produces antibodies in response to an infectious agent such as a virus to provide protection against the infection in the future. Our FDA-authorized test is 100% sensitive and 99.81% specific. Antibody test results will be available in 1-2 days.

Understanding Your COVID-19 Results

COVID-19 Test Results Explained

Viral Test
Antibody Test
(-) Result Negative COVID-19 Viral Test Result Negative Antibody Test Result
(+) Result Positive COVID-19 Viral Test Result Positive Antibody Test Result


Can I donate plasma to help others fight COVID-19?

Yes, “The Fight is In Us,” is a national plasma donation program. If you have fully recovered from COVID-19, your plasma could save lives. Visit TAUC for an antibody test to confirm that you are eligible to donate. To learn more information or to find a conveniently located blood or plasma donor center, visit

How do I access my COVID-19 send-out results?

Your COVID-19 tests are typically completed within 1-2 days. Click this link to sign up for easy access to your test results.

Is the cost of testing covered by my insurance?

To help during this crisis, Total Access Urgent Care is not presently collecting copays for COVID-19 visits, including: virus testing, antibody testing, and relief of associated symptoms. We are working closely with our health insurance partners who are covering most COVID-19 related medical expenses.

What is the cost of testing for those without insurance?

As a commitment to the communities we serve, TAUC is proud to announce that we are not charging uninsured patients for COVID-19 virus and antibody testing. If you are presenting for COVID-19 concerns and do not have insurance, TAUC will submit your bill to the CARES Act for reimbursement.

Here's how it works:

  1. Pay $99 now to be evaluated and tested.

  2. TAUC will submit your visit to the CARES Act. We will refund your $99 check-in fee as soon as reimbursement is received, typically the government takes 6-10 weeks to process these claims.

  3. The CARES Act will reimburse COVID-19 related expenses as long as you do not have private or state-funded insurance (Medicaid).

  4. State-Funded Insurance (Medicaid) Details:

    1. Medicaid will cover the cost of COVID-19 viral and antibody testing that is sent to our reference lab.

    2. Medicaid will not cover the $99 evaluation fee or any other additional procedures performed at TAUC.

  5. Services that are not covered by the CARES Act will be billed to you.

Employer Testing Solutions

Protect your workplace from the spread of COVID-19. We can support you with:

  1. Managing test results (including those that are positive).

  2. Navigating complicated and rapidly-evolving CDC return-to-work guidelines.

  3. Mitigating the risk of spreading the virus in your workplace.

For more information, please see our COVID-19 Return-to-Work Testing.

Total Access Urgent Care is committed to serving our communities and acting with abundant caution to protect the health of our patients and teams.