Easy Access to Your COVID-19 Lab Results

Please sign up for immediate notification so that you can be emailed within minutes of your results being completed by the lab.

  • The "My COVID-19 Results" button below will take you directly to AIM Laboratories (Luminate) portal.
  • For multiple family members, please create a separate account for each person tested. While you will need separate user names, you may use the same email address for as many family members as you'd like.


My COVID-19 REsults

Please note:

  • Your COVID-19 tests are typically completed within 1-2 days.
  • If you have difficulties using the AIM Laboratories portal, please:
  • You will receive a text message directly from Total Access within 24 hours of your results being posted, however, the portal will notify you immediately.
  • If it has been 5 days since your visit and you have not received results, please email: covid@tauc.com and include:
  1. Your full name

  2. Your date of birth

  3. For the quickest resolution, please state that we may reply to your email with your unencrypted test results (this item is optional and only if you are comfortable).