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At Total Access Urgent Care, we understand the need for flexibility, and as many medical services are costly, we need to be able to offer various alternatives and options to people. You can be sure that whether you have insurance and are insured, or if you are uninsured, you will be able to receive treatment from us. We believe in the necessity to provide excellent medical service as well as flexible payment options.

Call us to find out the various insurance providers that we accept, and you can find information regarding your options if you are uninsured.

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Don't Have Health Insurance?

There are many rising costs of medical care and this results in pressure for all families and individuals to obtain insurance so that they may receive medical services at a reasonable cost. There are currently about 47,000,000 Americans that are living without health care coverage. This is a serious issue, and if you fall under this category, then you may rest assured that you can obtain medical services from Total Access Urgent Care. Our facilities are dedicated to providing the care and services that our patients need in their situation.

Let Us Help You

With many years of experience in practicing medicine, our urgent care centers can provide you with the skilled and personal medical attention that you need. We are dedicated to providing outstanding and high-quality medical care for our patients while maintaining speed so that you may continue with your life as soon as possible. Finally, we believe that patient service is of the utmost importance. Your health is important to us, and you can count on us for the skillful care and service that you need.

Feel free to call us at any time to learn more about what we can do for you or
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