Worried About The Coronavirus? St. Louis Public Radio Answers Your Questions

The new coronavirus emerged late last year in China and has since spread to more than 80 countries, including the U.S. The virus spreads the COVID-19 disease, which has killed more than 3,200 people worldwide. For many people, the symptoms can be mild, but for some, they can be severe.

There has been one confirmed case of the coronavirus in Missouri and five confirmed cases in Illinois. State and local health officials are monitoring its spread and are prepared to isolate those who test positive.

Given the severity of the COVID-19 disease, many people are concerned about the virus that causes it. Who is at risk? What can people do to protect themselves? When will schools and other facilities close? Where can someone go to be tested? How are health officials preparing for the disease?

St. Louis Public Radio is answering key questions about the coronavirus. Find answers to FAQs here.

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