Mission & Values

TAUC Mission: To create fast, friendly, and affordable healthcare in every community.


You are the person you want to work next to for the next 12 hours.

  • Make time to help colleagues
  • Pick up the trash
  • Offer to stay late when needed
  • Share knowledge about unmastered procedures
  • Introduce yourself to co-workers whose names you don't know


You strive to do the most right thing.

  • Do the right thing, especially when no one is watching
  • Show up early to every shift
  • Are loyal to the mission
  • Act as guardians of the shift


You achieve max productivity with minimum wasted effort and expense.

  • Find ways to save money so we can pass on affordable healthcare for our patients
  • Look for simpler ways to complete tasks
  • Handle rushes and tasks with expertise


You make thoughtful decisions and come to sensible conclusions.

  • Be engaged throughout the shift, paying attention to details
  • Find TAUCtastic solutions to every challenge
  • Ask questions early and often
  • Enjoy solving unexpected problems
  • Stay off cell phone


You perform your position with purpose, pride, and a positive attitude.

  • Love to learn new skills and procedures
  • Like when it's busy
  • Attack the bubbles
  • Care intensely about the TAUC way
  • Understand that smiling makes you happier


You proactively listen, respond and share important information.

  • Show that you care
  • Make eye contact
  • Introduce yourself to patients
  • Listen to what patients have to say
  • Pick up the phone quickly and get to the point politely
  • Round on patients throughout the shift
  • Be absolutely respectful to coworkers
  • Stay up to date on TAUC knowledge and share it effectively
  • Pick the right time to have a tough conversation with a coworker


You focus on and accomplish what matters most.

  • Hustle to get to the next task
  • Hunt bubbles relentlessly
  • Participate in small acts of kindness throughout the shift
  • Open the door
  • Get the wheelchair
  • Grab blankets for cold patients
  • Bring forth good ideas to the Brigade Leaders
  • Learn and enjoy a wide variety of skills
  • Practice until perfect