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Convenient Pay

Credit Card Policy

Total Access Urgent Care is the affordable health care solution providing fast and friendly care at 1/8th of the cost of the ER and 1/4th of the cost of hospital-owned urgent cares. In an effort to make your life easier, TAUC offers Convenient Pay, a safe and secure credit card payment option. When paying with a credit card for your visit, Convenient Pay will be used to cover the remaining balance that your insurance company does not cover.

This typically occurs for plans with a deductible, copay, or coinsurance.

  1. At the time of your visit, our staff will swipe your card and enroll you in Convenient Pay to safely and securely store your card information in an encrypted format.
  2. Your card information is encrypted and inaccessible by any Total Access Urgent Care employee. Only the last four digits of your card number can be seen for verification purposes.
  3. TAUC will submit your medical claim to your insurance company for the services provided. Once your insurance pays its contracted portion, you will receive an e-statement that details what your insurance has paid and what balance is your responsibility.
  4. Once your insurance has determined your remaining balance, Convenient Pay will charge your secured credit card up to $150 per visit. If your historical responsibility is under $150, TAUC will only charge the balance due.